That song in your mind

That song in your mind

“loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes” (‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeran)

The power of a song, music in particular is so strong. It can influence your mood to an unimaginable level. There are happy songs, sad, motivational, depressing… a song for each human emotion. One can literally predict the state of one’s mind just by knowing what song the person is listening to.

Well, not every prediction could be true.

It could be a happy song for you, the predictor, but could be depressing for the one listening to it. Probably this song has something to do with the trauma one has faced, you may never know.

If you observe closely, these songs or music adds value to your life. Imagine if there was no music to associate with for the times you enjoyed in your college days, or some song on which you were dancing your heart out at a party, or maybe even a song that reminds you of your high school sweetheart. All these happy times. And sad. The songs which remind you of someone you lost, probably a sad song which takes you on a rollercoaster ride of memories and thoughts of that special someone you had. All this, be it happy or sad, adds value to your life. Makes you who you are right now.

“Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul”

Imagine if there was no such song to be associated with. No happy memories, no sad feelings. That’s just being a statue. A cold one at that. Few songs make you sad or depressing? No problem, delete them from your playlist. But you can’t entirely delete it form the face of this world. When you come across this particular song, cherish the moments associated with it. Remember, those moments have contributed to what you are today.

A lot of people have told me, rather complained, that by listening to one particular song multiple times it gets boring. Yes it does, I’m a victim of it myself. In this digital ear, these are a few hindrances, or put it more precisely, a bane. You could play one song all day long without having to do anything at all. There might have been an era where to listen to a particular song multiple times one has to change the phonograph record each time on the gramophone. I kid you not, that was a luxury. What I personally try to do is simply not play the song at all. The temptation is too strong to resist but I don’t want to ruin a beautiful song right?

I always hum some song or the other while working. My productivity is directly proportional to the song I’m humming. If it’s a rock song, you bet I’d be working like a beast and if it’s some happy-to-go song, like Photograph by Ed Sheeran I’ve been humming to today, the productivity is not affected, it’s just that I’m not a beast today. Humming a depressing song makes me go hide under a rock. I generally avoid that.

While there could be more than just this to music and its dimensions, I simply have laid it down in simple terms. In my terms. Music holds a special place in my heart. I’m sure it does for most of us. No matter what, don’t let that music in you fade away.

“So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me closer ’til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home”


‘Down ground’

“Is there something you remember or have a memory from your school days?”

“Well, school days included a total of 14 years. Right from being a small kid to becoming an adolescent. I don’t know which part you’re interested in knowing about”

“Some memories of yours when you were, say, in class 4 or 5? When life was not very complicated. You know what I’m saying”

“Ah! The down ground! Yes, I remember the down ground just fine”

The school where I studied until my class 10 was spread across in two properties. It still is. ‘The primary school’, as it was referred to, housed classrooms for LKG to class 5. This campus was magnificent in its own way. Only if  we, as kids, had understood what architecture and heritage really is, we would have admired the masterpiece all day long. It had two playgrounds, one right across the class rooms and one was down the hill which we used to refer as ‘down ground’. Actually, there were three playgrounds. One which I missed out was a small play area right in front of the kindergarten section. Oh, the monkey ladder in there! Well, we’ll talk about the monkey ladder another day.

The ‘down ground’, which was the biggest of them all was where we kids used to play most of the time. Call it cricket, football, chaincut (yes, chaincut was a game), hide and seek and many other interesting games I currently don’t remember. It was not just a ground meant for playing. We used to eat our packed lunch, bask in the sun, have our petty fights and did many other activities of late in there. One very interesting thing here, which you don’t usually find in other playgrounds, was that it had about three huge tree trunks in the edge of it which were cut at some point of time. Only now can I imagine how big a tree it would have been given its massive girth. The size of each one of these tree trunks was so huge that it would take about six of us to make a human chain around it. We used to climb on them, play around, jump, break twigs and what not. These were also used as spectator stands during a cricket match. And god knows, it was exceptionally comfortable.

Then there were bushes all around the ground. Bushes of various wild plants and shrubs. A few had very straight and tender stems whereas a few others were wildly grown. Although we had no proper cricket stumps, we never ran out of them. These straight tender stems would perfectly fit in to do the job of stumps. The place where bushes were in abundant also acted as the perfect place to go treasure hunting. As naive as it may sound, but rubber balls, stumper balls (god they really hurt when we played seven stones), Cosco ball (read: tennis ball), cork ball, stitch ball and any other ball was considered treasure of our times and we knew exactly where we would find them. We learnt the lesson on persistence, much before in life, right in here. There is a ball, somewhere out there, hiding, and all you have to do is look for it. Keep looking for it until you find one. You know it is there and you know you would find it only if you were patient and persistent enough.

We hated the down ground, and our moms hated us more, when it rained. The muddy slush would make it impossible for us to play there. But hey, it’s just one hour of lunch break and we’re not letting the slush ruin our plans. You know what comes next when you go berserk in a slushy playground.

As of now, the huge tree trunks are gone and so are the bushes. The ground looks clean and tidy just the way a playground is meant to be but I miss the old one though.

“So, the down ground? What was so special about this place?”


A snippet of Life

Life! Everyone have their own definition for this particular subject. No philosopher has given the exact definition of life. They have given their views. Everyone has. 

“Life is all about finding yourself”, “Life is more of a journey and less of a destination”, “Life is nothing but living in peace and helping each other”.

If you see, each phrase above has a completely different meaning to it. You can choose the one best fits you or you could simply have your own definition. 

My definition of life? Well, I’m too puny a human to define a complicated subject as this. It is quite probable that I can give my views but a simple definition won’t cover everything life is about. At least not my life. The greatest philosophers have tried to define in the simplest ways possible, but, failed. 

There might be an inner voice in you trying to tell me “life is simple Shyam, you complicate it”. I have a question. Do you really believe that your life is as simple as you claim, that it could be defined in a small phrase? I can’t speak for your answer but the question definitely will make you think. 

While I figure out what life is all about and try giving my views, I leave you with the question I previously asked. Think about it, it’s worth it.

Thought process- It can answer all your questions. 

Writing, a bliss

Starting of today, I’d be blogging mostly about things I care about and things I like. I have a lot in mind to write. Ranging from my childhood experiences, my other odd experiences and of course my views on various topics.

Well, basically it’s my blog and yes I’d pour my heart out in here.

I’d be writing for the pure joy I seek in the art of writing and also to pen down my memories. Like they say, pen an incident and you’d never forget it. I’d also be doing research on topics I care about and give my detailed overview on it. I may or may not be right but that’s the whole point of having a personal blog, isn’t it?

As of right now, I actually am getting a feeling of satisfaction probably because I have completed writing 141 words. Approximately the size of a text message. Good for me? I don’t know.

PS:- The original idea was to register the blog name as ‘hismind’ but I guess I was a little too late and had to settle for ‘hizmind’. Well, no regrets though.