A snippet of Life

Life! Everyone have their own definition for this particular subject. No philosopher has given the exact definition of life. They have given their views. Everyone has. 

“Life is all about finding yourself”, “Life is more of a journey and less of a destination”, “Life is nothing but living in peace and helping each other”.

If you see, each phrase above has a completely different meaning to it. You can choose the one best fits you or you could simply have your own definition. 

My definition of life? Well, I’m too puny a human to define a complicated subject as this. It is quite probable that I can give my views but a simple definition won’t cover everything life is about. At least not my life. The greatest philosophers have tried to define in the simplest ways possible, but, failed. 

There might be an inner voice in you trying to tell me “life is simple Shyam, you complicate it”. I have a question. Do you really believe that your life is as simple as you claim, that it could be defined in a small phrase? I can’t speak for your answer but the question definitely will make you think. 

While I figure out what life is all about and try giving my views, I leave you with the question I previously asked. Think about it, it’s worth it.

Thought process- It can answer all your questions. 


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