Writing, a bliss

Starting of today, I’d be blogging mostly about things I care about and things I like. I have a lot in mind to write. Ranging from my childhood experiences, my other odd experiences and of course my views on various topics.

Well, basically it’s my blog and yes I’d pour my heart out in here.

I’d be writing for the pure joy I seek in the art of writing and also to pen down my memories. Like they say, pen an incident and you’d never forget it. I’d also be doing research on topics I care about and give my detailed overview on it. I may or may not be right but that’s the whole point of having a personal blog, isn’t it?

As of right now, I actually am getting a feeling of satisfaction probably because I have completed writing 141 words. Approximately the size of a text message. Good for me? I don’t know.

PS:- The original idea was to register the blog name as ‘hismind’ but I guess I was a little too late and had to settle for ‘hizmind’. Well, no regrets though.